Home Exercise Equipment

So, I’ve been able to put together 4 months worth of progressive workouts with just the equipment I already had laying around my house. I could probably do even more, but I’m getting to a point where I want more options. I’m also just getting sick of working out at home. So, for me, it’s time to join a gym. But, that doesn’t mean you have to. If you like working out at home and have some equipment you can use to change things up a lot and keep yourself from getting bored, then by all mean, keep working out at home.

Today, I’m going to go into the equipment that I had hanging around that has allowed me to keep working out at home. I have enough equipment that if I wanted to I could just stay at home indefinitely and just keep cycling through different workouts changing sets, reps and weight to keep it interesting an accomplish different goals. Continue reading →

Thirty Minute Workout One: Third Cycle

OK, I know I’ve been a bit absent lately and I apologize. I’ve had a lot going on in the month of April, but all that is over with and I’m ready to move forward. You should be ready for the month three workouts at this point. The purpose here was to use more weights that were a little heavier so these workouts are broken into 3 sets of 10 instead of 2 sets of 15. I still did them in a circuit format where I cycled through all the exercises once and then started over until I’d done everything three times. These workouts still only took about a half hour to complete not including any sort of pre and post workout prep and stretching. Alright, here we go! Continue reading →

30 Minute Workout One, Second Cycle

In the second four weeks, things should get a little more challenging, but not so much that you get frustrated and want to quit. By now the first two workouts should have become easier and you might be getting bored. I know I was. So, it’s time for the next pair of routines. I again tried to make day one a little more difficult than day two. I think I succeeded, but you be the judge. I did these workouts the same way as the first two, one after another in a circuit type approach in order to keep my heart rate up. I used fairly light weights also. Here we go! Continue reading →

Two Great Exercise Band Exercises for the Shoulder

These are two of my favorite exercises to give to people when they come in for shoulder work. If you’re lifting heavy, they can be done as part of your warm-up. If you’re lifting light, they can be done as part of your work out. They are great for pre season and in season overhead sports like baseball, softball, tennis etc. I do them to keep my shoulder from hurting during softball season. I like them because they work many muscles around the shoulder and upper back at the same time. Lots of bang for your buck here so without further ado… Continue reading →

Learn To Do A Pushup

PushupOne thing that women struggle with is upper body strength. I think everyone, man or woman, should be able to do a pushup. Especially if you play a throwing sport because of the demands made on the shoulder during throwing. So if you can’t do a real, on the floor pushup, these tips should help.

My first set of workouts I posted includes pushups. If you find this task impossible, I’m going to teach you how to make it possible.

If you can’t do a pushup on the floor, it’s time to find a spot where you can do one. The on your knees girlie pushups are useless, so don’t even try it. Doing pushups from your knees will never transfer into doing them on the floor.

I’ve trained lots of people to do pushups again after all kinds of shoulder injuries including surgery and this method always seems to work, so let’s get started. Continue reading →

Another 30 Minute Workout Routine For Beginners

So this is day two of my first monthly routine. I set it up so that day two was a little easier than day one considering I knew I was going to be sore from the day one routine. I won’t lie; the first week of doing this routine kicked my butt. I was sore for a few days and felt pretty pathetic. But I stuck with it and it all came together pretty quickly. I expect the same will happen for you. Now for the routine. Continue reading →