phone 126Hello and welcome to my website!  My name is Kristy and I’m a physical therapist and certified strength and conditioning specialist.  But mostly, I’m just an average girl trying to get in better shape, stay healthy and keep myself from getting injured in the process. I’m guessing I’m just like many of you.

By average I mean I’m no skinny minnie, bombshell gym rat. I’m 5’2″, weigh around 160 pounds and have a bit of a squishy mid section. I don’t consider myself obese, but my doctor may disagree. She says the height and weight charts show my BMI is in the obese category. It’s all just numbers to me.

Look at that! I just put my height and weight online! I’m not crazy. Again, they’re only numbers and it’s how you feel that really matters. I’m also a T-shirt and jeans, baseball cap wearing kind of girl. People can think what they want of that, but I’m comfortable and that’s all that matters to me. Now you know who your dealing with!

It’s safe to say that I know a lot about exercise, fitness, proper exercise technique and preventing injuries. I’ve been in the injury rehab and prevention business for over ten years. I decided it’s time to get myself in better shape and pass on some of the things I’ve learned to others.

As for me, I am a pretty active person in general. I enjoy hiking, skiing, snowshoeing, softball and playing with my dog.  I’ve just always had a hard time committing to long term and consistent exercise programs. I need to get myself out the door more often. That is going to change and this blog is going to help get me there. Hopefully some other people will join me along the way.

I’m also married with one furry child and from some of the activities I enjoy doing, you might have guessed that I live in an area that requires moving snow, which can be quite a workout by itself!

Thanks for joining me on my journey!

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