Two Great Exercise Band Exercises for the Shoulder

These are two of my favorite exercises to give to people when they come in for shoulder work. If you’re lifting heavy, they can be done as part of your warm-up. If you’re lifting light, they can be done as part of your work out. They are great for pre season and in season overhead sports like baseball, softball, tennis etc. I do them to keep my shoulder from hurting during softball season. I like them because they work many muscles around the shoulder and upper back at the same time. Lots of bang for your buck here so without further ado…

Dynamic Shoulder Stabilizer

Holding a band in both hands (I like to loop it around my wrists), bend your elbows so your hands are about chest height. Pull on the band so there is some tension on it. While maintaining the tension, lift your arms up until they are straight over your head. Return to your starting position. This is not a heavy exercise so I usually do them in sets of 15-20 reps.

phone 348 Dynamic Shoulder Exercise

Shoulder “W”

W exerciseAgain holding a band in both hands with your elbows bent so your hands are about chest height, pull the band apart while keeping your elbows bent and near your sides. Your finishing position should make you look the shape of a “W.” Return to your starting position. I also do these in sets of 15-20 reps.




Be sure to always use good posture while exercising. These exercises may not seem hard, but I bet you’ll feel the burn. They can be a great help if you’ve been having shoulder pain while throwing. If you start doing them a few times a week 2-3 months before the season starts, I bet you’ll feel better this season. So give them a try and remember that they will be harder if you use a tougher band, so use the one that works for you.

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