Learn To Do A Pushup

PushupOne thing that women struggle with is upper body strength. I think everyone, man or woman, should be able to do a pushup. Especially if you play a throwing sport because of the demands made on the shoulder during throwing. So if you can’t do a real, on the floor pushup, these tips should help.

My first set of workouts I posted includes pushups. If you find this task impossible, I’m going to teach you how to make it possible.

If you can’t do a pushup on the floor, it’s time to find a spot where you can do one. The on your knees girlie pushups are useless, so don’t even try it. Doing pushups from your knees will never transfer into doing them on the floor.

I’ve trained lots of people to do pushups again after all kinds of shoulder injuries including surgery and this method always seems to work, so let’s get started.

Find a bare wall or the back of a door. Stand about arWall Pushupms length from it. Put your hands on the door at shoulder height. Now tighten your butt and abs. Hold everything tight and do a pushup. You don’t want your butt swaying in and out. Everything in your body should be nice and rigid except for your moving arms. Congratulations! You just did a pushup. Now do 15, 20 or 30 more of them. Do this every day until you can do 30 fairly easily.

phone 324Now take a step or two further from the door and repeat the process. When this becomes easy, move to doing them from the edge of a counter-top so that you’re a little more angled towards the floor. Are you getting the idea? Each time you get a little closer to the floor it increases the challenge for you, but is building strength at the same time. Just keep moving closer to the floor as each position     gets easier and in no time you’ll be doing pushups from the floor.

Pushup From ChairFrom the counter-top you might move to the kitchen table, the arm of a couch or chair, the coffee table, the last one or two steps at the bottom of a staircase, then finally to the floor. Just be sure that whatever you decide to push off of is made of sturdy material and is not going t move on you while you’re doing your pushups. Stay away from glass surfaces!

If you follow this progression and try to do some every day, I bet you’ll be doing pushups within a month or maybe even less. Once you can do one pushup from the floor, you can keep building from there. Eventually you’ll be doing pushups and barely breaking a sweat! Good luck!

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