35 Years Old: Time to Get Fit!

[011566]I know I’ve been absent from this site for awhile. I was busy finishing up my doctorate and doing some other things. But I’m back now with some new ideas so let’s get going!

So, I’m most of the way through my 35th year and I’m not afraid to admit I’ve been lazy about exercise. I’ve stopped and started several times through the years. The longest I have ever committed to exercise was a few years ago when I trained for a half marathon. That was only six months, but I was signed up and had a goal so I had to keep at it. And to be fair, I had to slow down after the race due to an injury.

Considering I’m a physical therapist and strength and conditioning specialist, I have tons of knowledge and ideas on how to set up an exercise program. Up until now, I’ve mostly been using this knowledge in my professional life and I figure it’s about time I get my act together and get started on my own exercise programs.

So, about 6 weeks ago I started exercising again. So far I haven’t missed a scheduled day!! I decided to start slow and easy to make sure I stuck to it and didn’t get frustrated. Basically, I work a long four day work week. There is nothing I want to do on those days other than work, eat and sleep. I have a three day weekend with Mondays off and I did not want to work out two days in a row. So my first workout program consisted of working out Saturday morning and Monday morning.

Each workout took about ½ hour, which was short enough to convince myself that I had time to do it and other things could wait ½ hour and long enough to feel like I worked out and got my heart rate up pretty good. The workouts consisted of a combination of upper body, lower body and core exercises.

My goal is to keep working out and not give up this time. My biggest problem has always been boredom with my programs. In an effort to prevent this, I’m changing my programs monthly and taking a week off here and there to recover physically and mentally.

I also needed my first workouts to be easy enough that I didn’t get discouraged, which is why some of the exercises seem so simple. I also knew I was sorely out of shape and I didn’t want to be so sore the next day that I was unlikely to continue. I need to build a foundation first, and then start working on harder routines. I will post my new workouts along with any additional advice and tips I can think of along the way.

Considering my business is rehabilitating and preventing injuries, I’ll also be posting about exercise technique where appropriate. Hopefully this will help others along their journey to becoming fit!

Stay tuned for my first workout!

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